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Galway Airport Strategy Team to deliver report by 30 August 2011


Galway Airport Strategy Team to deliver report
by 30 August 2011

The Board of Galway Airport has today announced the formation of a strategic project group to develop a Strategic Plan for the airport in light of the Government's recent announcement that PSO and Operational Expenditure Support is to be withdrawn.

The strategic project group, drawn from the company's board, management and Galway Chamber of Commerce, supported by external consultants, Venture Advancement Ltd, will deliver a draft report to the Board on 30th August 2011.

"This process is critical to the airport's survival and it will guide our business in the coming years. The economic environment has changed dramatically in recent years but we are confident that the links provided by Galway Airport that have been so vital to business, industry and tourism in the region in the past can continue to deliver the essential economic benefits to Galway and the wider region into the future," said Michael Corless, Chairman, Galway Airport.

The Board invites submissions from key stakeholders in respect of this process on the role Galway Airport plays in the region both now and in the future. Submissions can be made by email before 12th August, 2011 at 


For further information contact: Joe Walsh Managing Director, Galway Airport @ 086 -3803078

Notes to Editor

  • The airport site / facility currently employs upwards of 180 people

  • These jobs result in an annual contribution to the Irish Exchequer of over €2 million

  • 85% of the airport's traffic is international traffic as it provides critical access to international markets and over 400 cities worldwide via its ‘hub' destinations.

  • Galway is the 3rd most popular inbound tourist destination in the country

  • In 2009 overseas tourism spend in Galway was €266 million (Failte Ireland Survey of Overseas Travellers / CSO July 2010)

  • The annual tourism impact of the airport on the region is estimated at €19m  (The Case for Galway Airport - Talbot Associates, September 2010)

  • Independent economic analysis has estimated that Galway Airport directly contributes €31 million annually to the region with the indirect impact associated with maintaining access to international markets being far greater
    (The Case for Galway Airport - Talbot Associates ,September 2010)

  • ‘Galway Airport, at a relatively marginal cost, supports the location of 10,000 jobs in IDA Ireland, 5,000 jobs in Enterprise Ireland and 2,000 jobs in Udaras na Gaeltachta supported companies involved in international trading'. 
    (Economic Business Case for Services at Galway Airport supporting Regional Development - Community ,Enterprise and Economic Development Unit, Galway County Council ,July 2010)                                                                                                 

  • ‘Government policy does not fully recognise the international access role of regional airports and their consequent importance to their respective catchments'.   (Air Access and the Western Region - A Regional Perspective, Western Development Commission, February 2011)

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