About The Area


Galway is a city in the West of Ireland in the province of Connacht. Galway City Council is the local authority for the city. Galway lies on the River Corrib, between Lough Corrib and Galway Bay and is surrounded by County Galway. It is the fourth most populous urban area in the Republic of Ireland and the sixth most populous city in the island of Ireland.


Galway has a year round mild, moist temperate and changeable climate, due to the prevailing winds of the North Atlantic Current. The average yearly temperature is 10.6 degrees Celsius.


Galway is known as Ireland’s Cultural Heart and is renowned for it’s vibrant lifestyle and numerous festivals, celebrations and events. In early November, Galway hosts the Tulca Festival of Visual Arts as well as numerous other festivals. The main squares in the city are Eyre Square (containing John .F. Kennedy Park) in the city centre and Spanish Parade next to the Spanish Arch.

Irish Language

Galway City has a reputation among Irish cities for being associated with the Irish language, music, song and dancing traditions. Like elsewhere in the Republic of Ireland, locals converse mostly in English.

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